Welcome to
LA Healthy Lifestyle!

What the LA Healthy Lifestyle Program is all about:

  • A healthy balanced menu plan, tailored to you and your needs, to fit in with your lifestyle.
  • No more dieting. It is time to get excited about adopting changes that become part of your lifestyle, and the new you.
  • Getting rid of that extra weight and not going hungry while doing it.
  • Feeling energised and healthy.
  • Recognising your worth and loving who you are.
  • Personal coaching sessions.

The importance of having a Healthy Lifestyle Coach:

  • Personal one-on-one support, just for you.
  • A great way to learn and gain knowledge on how to make healthy food choices.
  • Assisting you with your personal commitment and accountability to yourself.
  • Discussing and gaining strategies to combat any challenges you face with your weight loss.
  • Learning how to become in-tune with your body and it's needs.
  • Helping you change your mind-set about dieting and weight loss, to ensure long-term success.
  • You are unique and individual. One-on-one coaching will assist you with your journey to shedding the weight you have gained - it is all about you!

LA Healthy Lifestyle is a weight management program located on the NSW Central Coast and currently running as a mobile service. Whether you have tried many diets, and found success with them, then found yourself back on the dieting wagon, or whether it is your first time getting serious about letting go of unwanted weight, LA Healthy Lifestyle can help you get on track, and say goodbye to those unwanted kilos.

Contact me today for information on how you can get started on your journey to a Healthier You with a Healthier Life and a Healthier Body. 

Your Healthy Lifestyle Coach - Louise 0488 141 236

Or go to the Contact page and fill in the form, and I will get in touch with you.